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Saturday August 5, 2017

11:00 am ~ 6:00 pm
Mainstreet Inglewood

Volunteer at the 2017 Sunfest!

We have the following volunteer positions available!!

Set up Volunteers:

  • Shift starts at 5:45AM.
  • Pick up a pair of gloves and a stapler
  • Help set up tables for vendors
  • Label/number tables for vendors

Take Down Volunteers:

  • Shift starts at 4:30PM
  • Motivate Vendors to disassemble their booths
  • Help fold tables and put them on the west sidewalk

Block Captain

  • Arrive at 7:30AM, when will be assigned your block(s)
  • Help vendors find where they are located. (Ask for their business name.)

Information Tent

  • Help volunteer sign in here, hand out t-shirts/swag bags if needed.
  • Hand out artist payments and paperwork.
  • Study the map and get to know where activities and vendors are.
  • Specifically note where all washrooms are, lost kids protocol, etc.
  • Need a pair of scissors? Garbage bags? First Aid? INFO TENT!

Kids Area

  • Kids Area volunteers are assigned as one of the following job duties: Crafters and Bouncers
  • Crafters assist families with making crafts, make sure you have enough supplies
  • Bouncers monitor the capacity of the bouncy castles, make sure everyone is safe and having fun!

Beer Gardens

  • Assist in operations of our Beer Gardens

Environmental Stewards

  • Most important job of the event! Help manage a waste and recycling station!

Fill out the form below to sign up!

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